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We see ourselves as standing on this side of "the line drawn in the sand". The purpose of this website is nothing less than to bring about the full and complete restoration of the Vision of our Founding Fathers, without compromise, prayerfully, without succumbing to the exercising of Thomas Jefferson's painful suggestion of the watering of our Liberty Tree via the exercise of lawful remedy via our court system via enabling each and every one of you to have the knowledge and the confidence to engage seasoned attorneys and judges in court litigation. The first step in this matter is to deal with Predatory Debt Collectors whether they be the IRS, a credit card company or a bank foreclosing on your home or your business as well as vacating Judgments VOID for lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction.
void judgments and American jurisprudence

Welcome! And ‘thank you’ for being the American that utilizes the Rule of Law to voice your duty to Report the Crime.

Michael-Edward: here.

This is the place where you may best assist Sherry Jackson and soon others in a personal way by providing the political affect of your criminal complaint properly worded and filed and by providing necessary funding to offset her litigation costs.

YRIITL is a restricted site to members who have registered for the purpose of joining their efforts to bring about the change to Restore our Republic.

This site enables you to communicate with one another in your state, anonymously, to synergize the value of your energies to bring about change, first in your county, second in your state and third in our nation.

This site provides free tele-conference calls and free eMail assistance to your particular needs.

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