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We see ourselves as standing on this side of "the line drawn in the sand". The purpose of this website is nothing less than to bring about the full and complete restoration of the Vision of our Founding Fathers, without compromise, prayerfully, without succumbing to the exercising of Thomas Jefferson's painful suggestion of the watering of our Liberty Tree via the exercise of lawful remedy via our court system via enabling each and every one of you to have the knowledge and the confidence to engage seasoned attorneys and judges in court litigation. The first step in this matter is to deal with Predatory Debt Collectors whether they be the IRS, a credit card company or a bank foreclosing on your home or your business as well as vacating Judgments VOID for lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction.
Self Help Products

Would you like to deal effectively; defensively and offensively when The State unjustly moves against your Rights and Privileges?


Do you have an IRS Lien or Levy and you don't work for the Federal Government?


Are you aware you may not be liable for Federal and/or State Income Taxes? We fully support legal taxes but not any taxes which one is not required to pay or is prohibited by The Constitution for the United States of America.


Are you in a business or profession which has a very high risk of litigation and insurance is killing you?


Do you need help with estate planning so you can minimize the tax liability at your death?


Do you need help setting up your business affairs so as to have effective liability protection?


Would you like to have complete and total privacy of your personal and business affairs?


Are you under attack from predatory debt collectors such as credit card attorneys?


Are you being sued by a lending institution?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above, then there is hope and there is help!

Your Remedy is in The Law. The Law is Perfect. You exercise your Remedy via Code Pleadings. Why be Defensive when it's more fun and effective to be Offensive? We will show you how.

Did you know nearly all judgments in all of our courts today are faulty because of some defect and are, therefore, void?

Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, page 1754 defines a Void Judgment as: "One which has no legal force or effect, invalidity of which may be asserted by any person whose rights are affected at any time and at any place directly or collaterally ... Judgment is a 'void judgment' if court that rendered judgment lacked jurisdiction of the subject matter, or of the parties, or acted in a manner inconsistent with due process."

Why not address these defects upon their occurrence rather than deal with them post-judgment?

Why not prosper from The State’s willful trespass upon your Substantive Rights?

This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to speak directly to and participate in discussions with others about your issues of concern and learn first hand the WINNING Strategies.

Learning opportunities are available via FREE teleconferencing and paid teleconferencing as well as paid web-based Seminars. Seminars are available either at your venue affordably with broadband access [you will need a web cam as well] or live speakers who are available to fly in and hold a Seminar at your Venue.


To avail yourself of all possible remedies,

feel free to Email Michael Edward

or call him directly at 1-800-625-4250 for more details.

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