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We see ourselves as standing on this side of "the line drawn in the sand". The purpose of this website is nothing less than to bring about the full and complete restoration of the Vision of our Founding Fathers, without compromise, prayerfully, without succumbing to the exercising of Thomas Jefferson's painful suggestion of the watering of our Liberty Tree via the exercise of lawful remedy via our court system via enabling each and every one of you to have the knowledge and the confidence to engage seasoned attorneys and judges in court litigation. The first step in this matter is to deal with Predatory Debt Collectors whether they be the IRS, a credit card company or a bank foreclosing on your home or your business as well as vacating Judgments VOID for lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction.


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Testimonial #1

Regarding David Myrland,
I am legal counsel for several state and federally recognized American Indian Tribes and a member of the Federal Bar Association, and have served as legal advocate in state and municipal litigation matters concerning issues virtually throughout the motor vehicle code and spanning a myriad of the most common misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor cases here, in Washington state. I'm a criminal procedural specialist with a firm commitment to statute, court rule, and constitutional guarantees, and I draw upon a check list of requirements I know from over eleven years in state courts defending against charges of every nature. I believe in making the prosecutor earn his pay the hard way; by practicing law. V Over the past five years I have not only lectured with David Myrland to Seattle students on many occasions, but we have become close friends and professional associates.
I've seen him destroy a prosecution's case with a small claims action, a gross misdemeanor simply washed away. I've seen him get two unrelated criminal judgments in different counties vacated months after guilty pleas (disorderly conduct, solicitation of prostitute). I watched him coach some brave truck drivers to victories (lack willfulness 9/1/00) against a state attorney general in four of five cases after eight months of litigation he handled alone; depositions, coaching, motions, briefs, trial strategy, alone, on a donation basis. Dave is among the best writers I know of, and his attention to detail and format assure that his work product speaks for me long before I appear upon it for oral argument. The work I have seen Dave do for free eclipses in quality, viability, and force, much of the work I have seen coming from attorneys earning a living here in Washington. Dave and I have collaborated on a great many legal controversies. One recurring theme in the cases which have come to our attention are those cases involving victims of irresponsibility in "the movement" who has gotten thrown in jail or has had their car seized, or who has cut a check on a closed account as instructed and is now facing check fraud charges, etc. The damage done by these groups is a cause for concern, in Seattle, and on countless occasions Dave and I have shared our utter disgust at having to clean up the education of these people just to get them to where we could talk to them about the law; it's almost like deprogramming them from a cult or something.
David Myrland and I are associates and friends because we share a commitment to the legislature, court rules, and the Constitutions. We share a commitment to helping the defenseless, to education, and to stopping theft by the executive and judicial branches. We both have given away tens upon tens of thousands of dollars in legal services to the needy, and we work constantly to keep others from being deceived into ill founded methods. Dave has no theories, nor do I; there is only law. I know to expect rigid legal principles and well accepted standards of procedure and application to be at the basis of what I hear when I speak with Dave, and the way I see him create an offense in the middle of darkness is cause for close attention.
David Myrland has proven to me that he is honest, charitable, devoted, and reliable, always certain to honor the rights and wishes of others, and is willing to share his research for a fraction of its worth. Not only is Dave years ahead of the entire movement in his fundamental knowledge of the law, but his innovative and delightfully offensive approach to criminal defense and day-to-day dealings with gov't make him a nightmare waiting to teach others how to be one, on a fast track. Dave's knowledge and expertise have paid me huge dividends from our first meeting onward.

Kurt R. Riggin FBA #7604

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