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We see ourselves as standing on this side of "the line drawn in the sand". The purpose of this website is nothing less than to bring about the full and complete restoration of the Vision of our Founding Fathers, without compromise, prayerfully, without succumbing to the exercising of Thomas Jefferson's painful suggestion of the watering of our Liberty Tree via the exercise of lawful remedy via our court system via enabling each and every one of you to have the knowledge and the confidence to engage seasoned attorneys and judges in court litigation. The first step in this matter is to deal with Predatory Debt Collectors whether they be the IRS, a credit card company or a bank foreclosing on your home or your business as well as vacating Judgments VOID for lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction.


There are no refunds or credits for purchase made. You are expected to have exercised your due diligence prior to making a purchase.
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This web site, the eGroup; Myrland's Method's and Cornforth Strategies and the and the telephone conference calls and any and all communications to you in any form whatsoever herein referred in the singular are for educational purposes only. It is not to be construed as legal advice in any form or fashion; nor is it to advise you about what you should or should not do. Any comments made by anyone in any of the above mentioned formats are not offered as advice, explanation, opinion, or recommendations to you about your possible legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, selection of forms or strategies. Information disseminated is to assist you in performing your own due diligence before implementing any strategy or product. Information disseminated is offered as though the disseminator were similarly situated to your situation. No one Hosting, Moderating or Speaking is an attorney unless someone specifically states they are an attorney and they provide their BAR number. Information shared is not a substitute for legal advice from your own attorney. The information presented throughout the various vehicles offer is not be interpreted as a substitute for legal advice from your own attorney, nor as a substitute for one's own responsible evaluation, analysis or choices. The listener is responsible to check out all information, answers, products, links mentioned to other sites, and services on their own for accuracy and usefulness. In other words: Do your own Due Diligence!
Formal notice is hereby given to any and all government employees and/or private citizens that: You have 10 days after listening to a radio program or conference call to notify this site owner in writing of any word, phrase, reference or statement which you deem to be inaccurate, misleading or not in full compliance with state and federal law and to give this site owner 30 days in which to correct and cure any and all alleged potential flaws. It is the intent of this web site and all that is related to it to be in strict compliance with the law at all times.
This site owner is NEVER responsible to for the comments, products or services of the Information Providers herein you avail yourself to.


It is not the purpose of this web site to offer legal advice or act as fiduciary for anyone. Michael-Edward: and/or this web site DOES NOT endorse the following Information Providers as legal advisers. Michael-Edward: and/or this web site, to the best of the knowledge of Michael-Edward:, nor any of the following Information Providers offer legal advise. The following Information Providers may assist you in discovering information which may be useful to you in resolving a problem which you may be having. Michael-Edward: is NOT an Information Provider. Michael-Edward: accepts only Gifts from the Member who freely gives. Any payment[s] made to any Information Provider is between the Registered Member and that Information Provider regardless if Michael-Edward: receives money for the purpose of transferring money from the Registered Member to the Information Provider. Michael-Edward: ONLY PROVIDES an umbrella to facilitate communications between Information Providers and Members of and accepts NO LIABILITY for any intercourse of any nature between the Registered Member and the Information Provider.


Michael Edward receives a portion of all proceeds generated by each Information Provider found at Your Remedy Is In The Law. This method is the manner in which these Information Providers pay Michael Edward for their presence here and these funds generated by you paying the Information Provider, which the Information Provider shares a portion with Michael Edward, go towards the payment of the expenses generated by all which you find under So, on one hand Michael Edward desires to bring you, the YRIITL member into contact with an Information Provider so you may be assisted in your moment of need, yet at the same time Michael Edward will benefit should you do this business with an Information Provider; a possible conflict of interest. As lawyers, which I am not one, are fond of saying:?GOVERN YOURSELF ACCORDINGLY.......
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